Pixies Mere Fishery

Pixies Mere is a mature 4 acre lake with 44 pegs, the pegs are fairly large and vary from cut outs from the bank to landing stages. The lake varies in depth but is predominately 3 to 4 foot (there is a deep hole near pegs 26 and 27). The lake is composed of a large open are at one end and several narrow channels (12-20m) at the other end with numerous islands, lily pads and overhanging willows throughout the lake.

There are 4 purpose built fishing stations for disabled anglers, who can bring their cars to the swims, bumper stops for wheelchairs.

There is a large map of the lake in the main car park and also a toilet. The "Three Horseshoes" pub which dates back to 1535 is 200 yards away.

The lake is owned by The Box Moor Trust and is operated under licence by the Baliff.

This lake is no longer a day fishery but a limited number of Season Tickets are available via the Baliff (07860 426690).

view towards Hide Corner
view towards Cottage Corner

The fish stocked in the lake include:-

  • Carp to 33lb
  • Ghost Carp to 24lb
  • Bream to 9lb
  • Tench to 8lb
  • Roach to 1.5lb

Check out the lake map.